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    Groups - From Duos to full 17pc Big Band
         Whatever the venue
       there is a combination Joe can provide for your entertainment needs

           Groups always consist of the very best professional musicians
         with your needs in mind: 

          Duos: consisting of piano or guitar with Joe on flute and saxophones 
          Trios: with bass or drums added to one of the above combinations
          Quartet to septet:  many combinations possible ... for the sound you want.

     Music Styles are chosen to suit any setting:

           * Soft "atmosphere-creating" jazz music for your reception or business function with    

     the class and visual appeal of a live band instead of recorded music

          * Music of all jazz styles, both smooth and "hot" for a night club setting with lots of the

         audience interaction Joe is famous for from all his years in show bands and lounges in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas

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