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Raised primarily in St.Thomas, Ontario, Joe moved to London in 1969 to play trombone and saxophone in his first professional band, Sound Spectrum, later known as Truck (also in that group ... Sandy MacKay). Groups in Montreal came next, then in 1970 Joe resided in New York City where he played for nearly a year in the house band at “Your Father’s Mustache”, touted as “the world’s busiest night club”. After that, he joined the famed Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra where he eventually became lead trombonist and featured soloist. Back in Canada he joined a top-rated jazz-rock band called Young, and then for most of the 70's Joe played trombone, sax, flute and bass in various bands in the USA ... from Miami, to New York, to Los Angeles, to Las Vegas, where he resided for three years.

The 90’s found Joe dramatically switching career paths to the pursuit of golf teaching, and from 1994 to 2005 he was head instructor at East Park Golf Gardens, only rarely playing musical gigs. In 2001, a year after the tragic death of eldest son, Jason, Joe and former wife Denise Pelley, founded the Jason Edmonds Foundation for Road Safety in an effort to help prevent roadway tragedy from befalling others. In that effort, Joe travelled throughout Canada and even into the USA for several years, presenting road safety seminars, to tens of thousands of listeners.

In 2003 Joe re-discovered his passion for music and performing, and now besides freelancing with many local groups, such as Sunfest producer, Alfredo Caxaj and long-time John Noubarian bassist, Darryl Stacey he has served as lead alto sax with The London All Stars big band and Doug Keenan’s nine-piece Mardi Gras band. In the past couple of years Joe has also been featured on alto and baritone sax in  Orchestra London Pops Series concerts and played trombone in shows by Natalie Cole and the Temptations. As well, he leads his own small jazz groups with Don DiCarlo, Chris Norley and Andrew Lusher to name a few. Currently he is busy writing and recording a third CD of swing and latin standards to follow his earlier releases, Specially for You and Reflection, which is original smooth jazz material produced under guidance of Canadian music legend, Skip Prokop of Lighthouse. (see "CDs" page) Joe also now plays saxophone and trombone in Prokop's new smooth jazz group "Smoothside" and is featured on Skip's new CD, Smoothside.

In the Spring of 2006 Joe developed an educational concert for schools with a core group of Peter Hysen, Doug Keenan, Bob Hughes and Chris Norley. These shows were extremely popular amongst students and teachers everywhere they went. Sadly, after the passing of Doug Keenan, the decision was made to discontinue the program.

In 2011 Joe gave in to pressure from friends and accepted one gifted young saxophone student, Kendra Hart. He found the experience so rewarding he decided to accept more students on a regular basis once again. After Doug Keenan's passing, Joe was asked to take over the running of Doug's popular Saturday morning jazz improvization classes. He gladly accepted the honour, and continues to this day to run this program, and has even added other sessions on other days of the week. 

Even with teaching and jazz improv sessions going strong, Joe has found the time to complete his novel, Swingman, plus a new CD of original music to be released in conjunction with the book. Check the Swingman page on this website for updates on final publication dates etc.
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